How to distinguish Generation Z tourists when planning tourist trips?

How do you distinguish Gen Z tourists when planning your travel trips?

Generation Z travelers are more likely to visit familiar places than previous generations: two out of five — 40 percent — usually return to the same places when traveling. This is the highest rate of any other age group.

When choosing a vacation destination, Generation Zers are more likely to think first of all about impressions for subsequent content publications on social networks: four out of ten — 43 percent — stated that this is taken into account in their travel plans.

Generation Z intends to spend more on travel this year, and this sets them apart from tourists of other ages.

The two main categories in which Generation Z will spend more — clothing, including accessories (32%) and eating out (27%).

Another distinguishing feature of the younger generation — they give priority to travel in the structure of their expenses. More than a quarter of Gen Zers globally intend to spend more on travel in the next 12 months — 26 percent.

A fifth of the world's adult population — 21 percent — intends to spend more on tourism goods and services in the next 12 months compared to the previous year. Interestingly, Millennials are next in line at 26%, trailing only symbolically: 25% of them will increase their travel spending this year.

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