How to climb Everest in just one day

It seems that only climbers can climb Everest. Those who have undergone special training in advance and are ready to spend time and effort to conquer the main peak of the planet. Or is it still not? We talked with travel expert Sergey, who has been organizing tours to Nepal for eight years, about how to get to the highest point in just one day. Yes, yes, it is possible. 

— Where did the idea of ​​this tour come from?

Climbing Everest is unforgettable. But it is also long and hard: a classic trip to the mountains takes about two weeks and requires good physical preparation. And not everyone has that much time or the right physical form. Many travelers have seen pictures from our climbs (and they are really cool), and they wanted the same. I thought it would be great to give them that opportunity.

— What is included in the program?

The tour lasts seven days. The week will be very busy – we will have time for everything. And we will climb Everest, and see how the sun gilds the Himalayas on Mount Sarangkot, and we will go rafting, and fly a jet over the mountains. We will be able to see the very heart of the Himalayas and get closer acquainted with the Annapurna mountain range. We will fly over mountain valleys hitherto inaccessible to a pedestrian. If you wish, you can fly on a paraglider, ride a boat on the calm waters of Feva or on the neighboring lake Begnas. 

How to climb Everest in just one day

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– Will there be an opportunity to learn more about the local culture?

Of course! The Kathmandu Valley is a mix of different cultures: Indian, Tibetan, Chinese. A place where many cultural architectural traditions appeared: for example, pagodas, which are so common in Asia. We will see many ancient architectural temples that seem to be stuck in time. 

– How is the flight itself? How close will we be to the mountains? 

As far as it is physically possible. By helicopter, we will ascend to a height of 5.5 km and land at the observation point of Kala Pathar, where Everest is best seen. Even the base camp for climbers is lower. Above, unfortunately, it will not work – at such a height the air is very rarefied. It will not work for a long time at the top either: mountain sickness may develop, the ascent will be too sharp, from one and a half to five and a half kilometers. Then we go down to the famous Everest view hotel, where we have breakfast and enjoy the view with a glass of champagne. It all takes one day. The flight is clearly calculated in order to have time to enjoy the beauty and not get altitude sickness.

— How comfortable will people be on the trip? Can family travel?

The tour is as comfortable as possible. Especially for such an exotic country as Nepal. We stay in two major cities – Kathmandu and Pokhara, check into good four- and five-star hotels. We will have breakfast in a famous restaurant. Therefore, you can go as a family, with children over 12 years old.

— Do I need to somehow prepare for the trip? Train or buy special things?

No, our trip is suitable for people of all fitness levels. No special equipment or clothing is needed either: we will provide everything you need. Of course, you will need winter clothes – it is quite cold at the top. But enough of those that you wear in everyday life. We won't be at the top for long. 

— What do you like most about Nepal?

People. They are amazing: kind, sympathetic. There are many tribes, peoples, and everyone has a different language – a real cultural mix. And, of course, Everest itself. I climbed both from the side of Tibet and from the side of Nepal – it is good everywhere. His sight is breathtaking. I love making people happy. When you see ice blocks, majestic mountains, people take their breath away and euphoria sets in. This impression should definitely be in the Bucket List.

Climbing Everest may not be on anyone's must-do list, but many should try it. Such impressions are stored in memory for years. 

Especially when travel experts make traveling so easy and affordable, you don't even have to run marathons and buy another mountain boots.

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