How to choose a family hotel that even your mother-in-law will love

How to choose a family hotel that even the mother-in-law will like it

Choosing a hotel for a large family vacation is not an easy task: either the wife does not like the lack of a playground, or the husband complains about boredom and a meager choice of entertainment, or the mother-in-law is dissatisfied with the distance to the sea. How to find the right option for everyone? “Subtlety” compiled a selection of five life hacks when choosing a hotel, which will be useful to anyone who goes on a family vacation.

1. Carefully check the location on the map

“Five minutes to the sea”, stated in the description of the hotel, in fact, often turns into half an hour of walking at a brisk pace. Before booking, it is always worth looking at the map where exactly the hotel is located – and in satellite mode, which shows the actual configuration of paths and paths. For a family holiday, a hotel is suitable, located close to the necessary infrastructure: shops, restaurants, a water park, shopping centers. It is also worth estimating in advance how long it will take to get to it from the airport or train station – so that this does not become an unpleasant discovery already in place.

2. Carefully study reviews

Reviews, as you know, are not objective: that's why they are reviews. But if you approach them correctly, you can dig up a lot of valuable information. In particular, the level of sound insulation, the presence of cockroaches or ants, the quality and frequency of cleaning, the willingness of staff to meet halfway and offer, if necessary, early check-in or late check-out. You can also find out from the reviews how child-friendly the hotel is – are there extra beds, high chairs, a play area.

Before booking, you should always look at the map where exactly the hotel is located – and in satellite mode, which shows the actual configuration of paths and paths.< h2>3. Find out in advance which beaches are nearby

For children, a beach with a gentle entrance to the water, without jellyfish and sharp stones, is suitable. For adults – the one where you can relax and not worry about the children. The ideal option is a fenced private beach with soft sand, a place for children to swim, an equipped seating area and a minibar.

4. Make sure that the room will not be noisy

If there are restaurants or nightclubs near the hotel, this is a reason to be wary – music often plays in such establishments at night, which prevents guests from falling asleep.

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5. See the restaurant menu

If the price includes meals (or if you want to have lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant), it is better to study the menu in advance. For a family holiday, the place where there is a variety of hot meals and special dishes for children is more suitable.

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