How to buy a ticket for S7 Airlines using the Yandex Pay service?

How to buy a ticket for S7 Airlines using the Yandex Pay service?

You can use Yandex Pay at the final stage of booking tickets. Interestingly, if you are doing this for the first time, the S7 Airlines application will ask you to enter access to your Yandex Pay account. If a user has ever paid for something in any of the Yandex services, he already has Yandex Pay. Missing account? No problem, you need to create it and link at least one bank card to it. The service works with Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards. any Russian banks, while cashback and other cardholder bonuses are preserved. In the future, it will be possible to pay in just two clicks — by clicking on the Yandex Pay button and selecting the desired card for payment. 

"Yandex Pay will be convenient primarily for those who are used to paying quickly and not wasting time entering their card details — it is a great alternative to Apple Pay and Google Pay for our passengers. Especially the new payment method will be appreciated by those who already use Yandex services — they don't even need to create a special account to appreciate the benefits of the service”, — said Alena Muzykantova, S7 Aviation Product Director. 

The new payment method is not only convenient, but also safe — bank card details are specified only once, and they are transmitted in encrypted form. 

The airline promises that Yandex Pay will soon appear on the airline's website.

You can buy S7 tickets and “old” proven methods: by bank card or using the fast payment system. It is allowed to pay for the reservation within 24 hours or even several months in “shares”; and fix the price for a few days.

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