How safe is Bulgaria for travelers today?

How safe is Bulgaria for travelers today?

  1. Movement around the country

Public transport in Bulgaria is quite high quality and safe. As everywhere in the world, accidents, of course, happen. However, this has never been a major problem, especially with buses and trains.

Another thing is if you decide to travel around the city by taxi. You need to know in advance that some drivers are cheating tourists. The best way to avoid this — stay away from the habit of hailing a taxi on the street. Even if the car is branded with the logos of well-known carriers, the driver may well be a self-employed citizen in a rented car. In general, in further proceedings, everything that happened is much more often recognized as a problem of tourists, and not taxi drivers.

So, just use the appropriate applications on your smartphone as well. Thus, it is easy to track the car number, driver ID, the location of the car while waiting, and the route on the navigator. And if, God forbid, you manage to forget something in the car, it is easy to fix it by calling the company's central office.

  1. Theft

When we talk about theft and robbery, the polls show a very low crime rate in Bulgaria.

Again, as elsewhere in the world, you need to be careful in the crowd. If you're going to a club, keep in mind that it's best to leave your jacket and any bags in the closet. If there is no closet, leave your belongings in a visible place next to you.

Many tourists love the resort of Sunny Beach, and “bad people” they know it. Beware of leaving your belongings unattended on the beach. Although Bulgaria is considered a very safe country, it is only natural that tourists are the target of thieves and therefore much more vulnerable to any crime in any country.

  1. Being a tourist does not mean to be a fool

For some reason, it so happened that locals in any country consider tourists to be fools with full pockets of money. If you want to buy something in a store or book a hotel room, and you go there unprepared, speaking English, most likely, “they” will try to deceive you. Best advice here — book everything possible in advance — hotel, car rental, tickets to any attraction. This is a sure way to avoid trouble and negativity from your trip. 

Bulgaria is considered a very safe country for both locals and tourists. However, it is important to know that bad people exist and you must not give them a chance to make a fool of you.

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