How much will a vacation in Turkey in summer 2022 cost?

How much will a holiday in Turkey cost in the summer of 2022

For a long time, Turkey traditionally “exported” Russian outbound tourism. Even during the period of covid restrictions, when flight programs were suspended twice for several months, at least partially, people managed to catch up and relax on the shores of their beloved Antalya and Kemer. How will it be this time – with a total increase in the price of everything and everything, fluctuations in the exchange rate and a reduction in flights? So far, we can say – there will be a vacation in Turkey. But with nuances. We understand the details along with the “Subtleties”. “Subtleties” can not only be read and inspired, but also travel with us!
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Package tours

Tour operators Biblio Globus, Fun&Sun, TezTour, Coral, AnexTour, Pegas Touristik have hundreds of programs announced for the summer season in almost all familiar Turkish destinations. A week-long vacation for two in 5* hotels in Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Marmaris and Bodrum on an all-inclusive basis starts from 130,000 RUB. If you choose the “four”, the amount starts from 95,000 RUB. It is quite budgetary to relax in a “treshka” for breakfast – for 65,000 RUB. /sized/f550x700/61/yh/61yh2rmx0ckksokgk8sssw0gg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How much will a holiday in Turkey cost summer-2022

Coral and Pegas have agreed with the national carrier Turkish Airlines to allocate 400,000 seats for each operator from April to October 2022. Based on these flights, they formed packages with departures from several cities in Russia. AnexTour and Fun&Sun also plan to reach an agreement with the Turkish airline on this issue. In addition to Turkish Airlines, Red Wings and Pegasus Airlines are transported to Turkish resorts, in the short term, from April 2022, Aeroflot and Rossiya. All tourists over 12 years of age to visit Turkey still require a negative PCR test for COVID-19 taken 72 hours before entering the country or a Sputnik V vaccination certificate.


Everything is more complicated here. If plane tickets are freely sold through aggregators and you can pay for them in the usual way – for example, with a Mir payment system card, then Visa and MasterCard transfers for the hotel may not go through. You need to look for one that accepts plastic “Mir” or UnionPay. With the costs on the spot, too, not everything is smooth. If there is no cash currency or a foreign currency bank account on hand, then dollars or euros that could be exchanged for lira in Turkey are quite difficult to get due to the recent ban on the sale of cash currency by the Central Bank. The obvious way out is to stay in an all inclusive hotel so as not to spend money on the spot.

The cost of an economy class ticket without luggage to Antalya Airport with departure dates from June 1 is from 41,000 RUB round-trip. A night in a standard double room of an all inclusive hotel will cost from 4500 RUB. But you need to book 2–3 months in advance: the closer the date, the higher the price. sized/f550x700/3a/zx/3azx0bq18xuswswwsckosc8gs.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How much will a holiday in Turkey cost in summer 2022

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