How much do travel agents earn?

How much do travel agents earn?

Even in a crisis, job sites are full of ads for searching for travel agents. Large and small firms invite everyone who is ready to tell potential travelers about the most popular tourist destinations with burning eyes and select tours for different dates and budgets to join their ranks. They promise to pay for such work very generously. How much – the meticulous “Subtleties” found out.

Nothing personal, simple math

Since tourism managers are in the field of sales, their salaries are made up of a salary and bonuses. The first is quite modest, but the second can reach six figures. Bonuses usually depend on the position of a travel agent (VIP and senior managers naturally receive more than junior ones), the manager’s specialization (those who know the hotel base of Southeast Asia, Europe, the Maldives, etc., have the right to count on a good commission) and high cost directions. After all, it is hard to expect that there will be the same bonuses for selling a cruise along the Volga as for a tour in the UAE. The most generous offers to travel agents are made in the capital: Moscow firms are ready to pay tourism managers from 45,000 to 120,000 RUB. In St. Petersburg – 35,000-120,000 RUB, in Novosibirsk – 30,000-75,000 RUB.

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And to be more precise?

Salaries of novice managers in Moscow, even with all the bonuses, may not exceed 40,000 RUB, and leading managers can start from 85,000 RUB and stop at around 300,000 RUB.

Especially highly valued in the tourism market are those who know how to compose complex routes to exotic countries: commissions for this business are fabulous.

Seasonality and crises can make adjustments to these figures. In the low season and in an unstable political or economic situation (alas, like now), travel agent salaries can be reduced by 30-50%, so in this case it is important to have time to skim all the cream in the high season.

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