How much do train conductors earn in Russia?

How much do train conductors earn in Russia?

The train conductor is a kind of universal soldier. His competencies are collected from spheres so far from each other that sometimes you wonder. There is a bit of everything: medicine, technology, psychology and even home economics. At the same time, the salaries of conductors are not at all exorbitant, and the requirements for education and skills of applicants are minimal. Vacancies, however, do not hang for a long time: people are attracted to this profession by the possibility of free education, stability and an impressive social package. The most ambitious set themselves the goal of becoming the head of the train and, with due diligence, come to it after several years of hard work.


First of all, the salary of the conductor depends on the category. A freshly trained novice is assigned a second or third. An experienced professional on international trains, as a rule, has a 5th. Next comes the number of hours worked – the company sets a mandatory monthly rate. Conductors work in shifts: for example, 8 days on the road, 8 at home. With a heavy load on the railway or on your own initiative, you can take additional shifts. They are paid at an increased tariff scale.

In addition to the salary, there are bonuses that are calculated according to a variety of indicators: train class, route distance, number of night shifts in the schedule, season. In some cases, conductors are paid bonuses for fulfilling plans to sell food, drinks, hygiene products, souvenirs and other trifles to passengers.

The total amount is obtained in the range from 25,000 to 50,000 RUB before taxes.

The spread also depends on the company and region. In Moscow, the remuneration is always higher. In Russian Railways, you can get a job as a conductor with a salary of 50,000 RUB, but you need at least 3 years of experience and a diploma of course completion. The private carrier TKS is ready to train applicants for free and pay them 39,000 RUB, and Grand Service Express is waiting for responsible and disciplined applicants with an education of at least 11 classes, who, after a three-month course, can claim an income of 35,000 RUB.

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Additional bonuses

A solid social package partly compensates for the low wages of conductors. Usually it includes voluntary medical insurance (VHI) with dentistry and free tickets to anywhere in Russia for yourself and your child once a year. Sometimes they include free treatment in sanatoriums and preferential vouchers to summer camps for the children of employees. Uniforms, full or partial compensation for travel to and from work – goes without saying. Russian Railways has additional contributions to the pension fund, as well as increased payments for the birth of children.

The composition of the social package for railway companies is different, but the main set of bonuses for employees is provided everywhere. A plus in favor of Russian Railways is its own trade union, where you can defend your interests. In TKS they give increased financial assistance for vacation. Grand Service Express is not particularly generous, but they promise an annual full medical examination at the expense of the company.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How much do train conductors earn in Russia?

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