How much do flight attendants earn in Russian airlines

How much do Russian flight attendants earn< /p>Looking at the broadly smiling stewardesses dressed in perfectly pressed uniforms, few people did not try on their life. She seems painfully beautiful: fly yourself abroad for free, smile at businessmen and actors, serve tea and coffee with graceful hands, and in your free time – live in a big way. Surely the salary of flight attendants is not some average. Thousand one hundred? One hundred seventy? Well… not really. Want to know more? Arm yourself with calculators – you will have to add a lot.

What affects wages?

Employees in most Russian industries can easily calculate their wages. For many, it generally consists of a fixed salary – what is there to consider? For others, bonuses are added to the salary – for example, a percentage of sales, and some quarterly bonuses. In the aviation industry, everything is much more complicated. The number of factors influencing the size of the monthly earnings of a flight attendant can reach up to a dozen. Moreover, each company has its own set.


The main component of the remuneration of flight attendants is the salary. It is fixed, but depends on the class of the flight attendant and the company itself: regional carriers such as Pskovavia pay their employees less than the same Aeroflot, and 3rd class flight attendants (who have just graduated from courses and trainee flights) receive fewer specialists 1- th class.

Also, the salary is affected by the geography of flights, the number of hours spent in the sky per month, the presence or absence of night flights, stimulating additional payments. There are also additional payments “for harmfulness” (not flight attendants, but work) and it must be taken into account whether a flight attendant worked in economy or business class. Is it difficult for pilots to navigate airports and “park” planes? 7 major Russian airlines that no longer exist: remember what happened to them.


Regional Russian air carriers promise their flight attendants a salary of 24,000–55,000 RUB, charter flights like Azur Air — 32,000–58,000 RUB. Serving Pobeda flights, you can earn 59,000-92,000 RUB per month, but work there is considered the most difficult, since low-cost aircraft fly more often, a real conveyor.

The average rates for S7 are 23,000-83,000 RUB, for UTair – 31,000-53,000 RUB, for Rossiya – from 55,000 RUB. Aeroflot announces a salary of 43,000-93,000 RUB. And if you fly exclusively on business flights, it is quite possible to overcome the ceiling of 123,000 RUB. How to make everyone think that you flew out of the country: a simple but funny prank.

But what about bonuses?

By the way, flight attendants sometimes have more interesting bonuses, than a salary. So, they can count on an annual vacation of 42–72 days, once a year – to receive a free ticket to any country in the world and a 90 & # 160;% discount on tickets from their airline. And you also get an annual free vacation in a sanatorium, good travel allowances for every day of your stay at a foreign airport (although they happen infrequently), free meals throughout the flight, medical insurance and early retirement: for women – at 45 years old with a flight experience of 7, 5 years, for men – at 50 years old with 10 years of experience. Well, of course, having gained a decent experience, you can always try to go to a foreign company, where the rates are completely different. “We don't meet passengers” and other flight attendant secrets you didn't know about.

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