How long should I wait before traveling after a hair transplant?

How long does it take to travel after a hair transplant?

According to doctors, hair loss today — a common problem for many people around the world. However, modern science and technology have a solution for almost every case. For excessive hair loss leading to baldness, the best and most effective solution is a hair transplant.

So, what is really happening.

The most positive thing — the person undergoing this treatment can go to the office or do other things from the day of the surgery. This is a minimally invasive procedure that does not interfere with the patient's normal life.

Even if you have booked a multi-hour transatlantic air flight on the date of the operation, you will not have to cancel the flight. The patient will be ready to fly immediately after the completion of the transplantation, unless, of course, the surgeon advises otherwise.

Thus, hair transplantation in general does not prohibit or restrictyou on trips. However, it is necessary to carefully care for the scalp after transplantation, as each operation leaves the area where the manipulations were performed, painful. If you follow the care regimen below, your hair transplant will not be a source of any hassle.

Take your medication regularly

After surgery, the surgeon always prescribes some anti-inflammatory drugs and several types of antibiotics. The operated area remains very sensitive to any external influences for several days. These medicines will help in a faster recovery.

Therefore, whether you are traveling or staying at home, remember to take the medication prescribed by your surgeon. Skipping medication can lead to post-operative problems that are best avoided.

Wear a headband

Your surgeon will advise you to keep your bandages on for at least 24 hours after your surgery. If there are no complications, you can travel without any fear, but with a bandage on your head. It ensures complete safety and sterility of the operated area of ​​the head, protects it from infection. However, after one or two days, this dressing can be carefully removed by yourself using scissors.

Clean the operated area and the donor area

Hair transplantation includes a process in which surgeons remove strands of hair from one part of the head and put them in the part where there is little hair. Two days after the operation, you should gently clean both areas and do not put pressure on them.

Also, after shampooing, let the hair dry on its own, without a towel. An additional care regimen includes avoiding alcohol and tobacco use. Take a break from exercise. You should follow the surgeon's instructions word for word, especially if you have a week-long trip to a resort or business trip the next day.

Traveling after a hair transplant is not a problem if you carefully follow the post-operative care schedule recommended by your doctor. Follow his recommendations to travel and pack your bags without worrying about your hair transplant.

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