How do hotels choose bedding that lasts a long time and does not wear out?

How do hotels choose bedding that lasts a long time and does not wear out?

The appearance and quality of bed linen in a hotel is one of the most important factors in customer confidence. Guests are ready to forgive minor flaws in the service or the outdated interior of the room, but bad linen kills loyalty in the bud. That is why housekeeping services are so attentive to the choice of hotel textiles.

A look from the inside

There are a number of parameters by which bedding for hotels is chosen. Basic: composition of matter, density, shrinkage after washing, wear resistance, softness, smoothness, hygroscopicity, creasing.

The most profitable underwear is made from a mixed fabric: 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Such material is more stable and durable, retains its marketable appearance longer than 100% cotton. Sets are changed less often — the hotel saves, which is important for 3* hotels. For standard numbers 4-5 *, sets of natural percale are used – a dense, durable, but at the same time soft fabric. In the suites of the “fives”, customers are laid satin or stripe satin – a smooth, presentable and tactilely pleasant “bed” material.

By the type of linen, it is difficult to assess its durability and resistance to frequent washing, so hotel service specialists look at the density indicator – the number of threads per 1 sq. see, as well as on the method of weaving. The best in terms of characteristics are bed linen made of thin threads, but with a dense weave. Hotel laundries do not use chlorine-based bleaches, and carefully select the washing and ironing method in accordance with the composition of the fabric. All this prolongs the life of the linen. It is more difficult for hotels that use the services of third-party laundries – they do not fully control the process, but contracts with contractors prescribe all the parameters of textile processing.

Most hotels prefer white – the operation of such linen is easier and reduces laundry costs. In addition, snow-white matter without the slightest trace of pollution is an indicator of purity and freshness.

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How long does the linen last?

With proper care, the life of the kit is 1.5-2.5 years, a competent technologist and high-quality household chemicals increase it to 3-3.5 years. Usually 4 sets are purchased for one room, but if the hotel has a laundry room, 3 sets are enough. In 4-5 * hotels, where daily change of linen is the standard, the sets have to be updated more often. In premium hotels, housekeeping usually works with trusted suppliers and buys high quality textiles – as a result, replacement is less frequent.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How do hotels choose bed linen that lasts a long time and does not wear out ?

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