Hong Kong to open borders to international tourists for first time since 2020

Hong Kong to open borders to international tourists for the first time since 2020

According to available information , the lifting of the entry ban will occur as early as May 1 and will be an important step towards lifting the severe restrictions associated with the coronavirus. “Hong Kong Regime” turned the city into one of the most isolated places in the world in 2020.

Rules for airlines “caught” on the transport of infected COVID-19 patients will also be slightly relaxed, the government said in a statement dated Friday, April 22. The threshold for admitting inbound flights will increase from the current three to five infected passengers. The ban on certain airline routes will be reduced from seven to five days.

The government said arrival procedures for foreigners would be no different from screening local residents. Today in Hong Kong, less than  1 000 new cases of infection are recorded daily, although on March 3 this figure exceeded 70,000.

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