Hong Kong changes entry rules for foreign tourists from June 1

Hong Kong changed the entry rules for foreign tourists from June 1

For foreigners to enter Hong Kong will still require a negative test result taken no more than 48 hours before departure. But there will be no more checks of documents confirming the accreditation of the laboratory where the testing was carried out. This information is contained in a statement from the Hong Kong government.

Another innovation concerns transit passengers making a change in Hong Kong. The latter no longer need to take preliminary PCR tests before departure. Previously, certificates were checked at the airport transit area.

All changes came into effect on June 1.

The government is still committed to a strict zero-COVID-19 policy, even though the number of new cases is declining, and much of the world outside of China has already reopened.

Hong Kong has lifted its ban on non-residents entering the city since early May, but still requires tourists to quarantine at least seven days after arrival.

There is positive news for carriers as well. From June 1, airlines carrying the virus on board will receive a warning and a fine of 20,000 Hong Kong dollars — $2,548. In case of repeated violation within 10 days, the carrier will be issued a 5-day ban on flights to Hong Kong. To this day, such “violations” were punished by an automatic stop of flights, it was enough for five passengers to receive a positive test result. No warnings were issued.

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