Greece will receive 1 million foreign tourists in the first week of August

In the first week of August, Greece will receive 1 million foreign tourists

Minister of Tourism of Greece Vassilis Kikilias said that in July the number of arrivals on international flights exceeded 950,000 per week.

According to the minister, hotels received more than half a billion euros in May — 26 million euros more than in May 2019. In addition, the turnover of catering enterprises increased by 40 million euros compared to the same period before the pandemic. 

«Money from tourism goes directly to the real sector of the economy. This is very important to support the average Greek business, workers in the sector and all those professions that are directly or indirectly related to our tourism product, from hotels and trade, to our farmers to the construction industry, — said the minister.

Among the most favorite destinations for tourists, in addition to the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki, are the islands of the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades, Crete and Corfu. 

Minister Kikilias recalled strategy for extending the tourist season, implemented in autumn 2021, and the great interest of major tour operators from Northern Europe, especially from Germany, in special packages for citizens who want to visit Greece in winter.

“We invite all residents of Northern Europe, Scandinavians and, of course, Germans who want to spend a difficult winter in Greece due to the energy crisis. We offer them a mild climate, organized hotel business and shops, quality infrastructure. In the end, these are tourists who, one way or another, choose our country for vacation until the end of November. Why then shouldn't they do the same during the rest of the winter months?', — the official noted.

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