Greece will lift all restrictions for tourists from May 1, including vaccinations and tests

Greece from May 1 will lift all restrictions for tourists, including vaccinations and tests

Greece will be phasing out many of its remaining COVID-19 protocols as early as next week, bringing it back to a full life as it was before the pandemic.

Greece, which reopened its borders to tourism in May 2021, currently welcomes travelers from other countries but requires them to show proof of vaccination — with a booster vaccination if more than 9 months have passed since the second dose, or a certificate from a medical institution about complete recovery from the virus, or a negative test for COVID-19 — PCR or antigen test. This applies to all travelers aged 5 and over.

It is still necessary to wear protective masks indoors, but Minister of Health Thanos Plevris said that starting from June they will no longer be required.

“In accordance with the epidemiological data and the proposals of experts, we are announcing a roadmap for de-escalation measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, — Pleuris said earlier this month, adding that “the next review of the measures will take place no earlier than September 1, depending on the situation.”

Recall that a month and a half ago, Greece canceled passenger search forms for visiting foreigners.< /p>

So, there are more and more European countries that have eased restrictions related to the pandemic. The Netherlands and France have canceled pre-testing for vaccinated tourists, and some have taken it one step further by abolishing COVID-19-related regulations entirely, such as the UK, Ireland and Iceland. 

It was revealed yesterday that Switzerland removes all anti-coronavirus measures on May 2, returning to “normal entry rules”.

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