Greece extends ban on flights of Russian aircraft until the end of June

Greece extended the ban on Russian flights until the end of June

According to the published press release, the banned list includes aircraft from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.  In turn, Greek aircraft are not allowed to fly over the territories of these countries.

The new rules will be in effect for at least another month, until about the end of June.

This is just one of the latest sanctions that continue to apply to Russia. In particular, Denmark and Sweden previously reported that they had summoned Russian ambassadors in connection with a potential violation of their airspace by Russian aircraft.

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Koford said that a Russian aircraft had intruded into Danish airspace over the island of Bornholm . Sweden, which formally applied to join NATO along with Finland earlier this month, also said a Russian reconnaissance aircraft had crossed its airspace.

The situation in Ukraine has hit Europe hard, just leaving from a nearly two-year pandemic. The tourism, travel and aviation industries were particularly affected.

As the European Aviation Organization previously reported, the closure of Russian airspace to European operators has led to a significant lengthening of routes. For example, flight times between Helsinki and Tokyo have increased by almost five hours, while flights between the Finnish capital and Beijing have increased by four hours, and flights between Paris and Tokyo have increased by nearly three hours.

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