Germany builds first hybrid river cruise ship

The first hybrid river cruise ship built in Germany

VIVA ONE has 88 modern cabins for 176 guests including double cabins and junior suites. Most of the latter are equipped with French balconies. There are also four suites with balconies with a table and two chairs. The new ship has a traditional VIVA Cruises design: blue tones, wooden furniture and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Guests on board VIVA ONE, among other things, enjoy a spacious sun deck, a spa and wellness center, as well as two restaurants: Riverside and VIVA's Bistro. Riverside — the main restaurant of the liner. It serves breakfasts with a wide selection of dishes, lunches and dinners, including vegetarian and vegan options. 

VIVA ONE — the first ship in the VIVA Cruises fleet to use state-of-the-art hybrid technology that is more environmentally friendly. The vessel has 68 solar panels distributed on the open deck; uses sulfur-free LPG as fuel, significantly reducing CO2 consumption and emissions. The ship is equipped with an improved autopilot, which not only simplifies navigation, but also helps to reduce fuel consumption. VIVA ONE will significantly reduce plastic consumption by installing two water stations in the lobby so that guests can refill their containers and thereby reduce the use of disposable cups. 

In the route grid of the new ship — various five- and seven-day itineraries on the Rhine and Moselle rivers during 2022 and 2023. Most of them start from the port of Düsseldorf, where VIVA Cruises is based. All routes for 2022 and 2023 are already available for online booking on the company's website.

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