German airports to urgently recruit 2,000 Turkish citizens

German airports to urgently recruit 2 000 Turkish citizens

If approved by the Ministry labor force of the country, the German aviation industry will have the opportunity to attract temporary staff from Turkey to work at airports. First of all, check-in officers and ground handling agents are needed.

In the past few weeks, a critical situation has developed at Frankfurt and Munich airports — Passengers lined up in long lines both at check-in and at security checkpoints.

The situation is similar at other German airports, and if nothing is done, the situation will only get worse.

The entire aviation industry in Europe is under intense pressure. Reason — an unexpectedly rapid recovery in demand for air travel. Airlines and governments have “missed the moment.” After cutting staff during the pandemic, the industry is now urgently trying to bring employees back.

Similar problems have been experienced by passengers in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the UK.

British airlines have asked the country's transport minister to temporarily ease immigration rules after Brexit in order to attract skilled workers in Europe. By the way, the government has already rejected this proposal and blamed the current problems on the inability of industry leaders to plan.

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