German airports to recruit more than 2,000 Turkish citizens

German airports will employ more than 2,000 Turkish citizens

The largest hub Lufthansa Airport — Frankfurt — This summer has been hit hard by disruptions, with a large number of flights canceled due to lack of staff.

Due to the current situation, the German aviation industry association (BDL) has called on the government to allow the hiring of temporary workers from non-EU countries. in the EU to fill in the gaps.

Federal ministers agreed to this proposal, abolishing the usual rules for hiring people who are not eligible to work in the EU.

German authorities had previously announced that they would facilitate skilled migrant workers getting jobs in the country due to labor shortages. However, experts have calculated that in order to eliminate the shortage, the German authorities will have to employ more than a million people, because a total of 1.7 million vacancies have been registered.

Earlier, Lufthansa made a statement that about 134,000 airline passengers were affected -because it had to cancel more than 1,000 flights.

The statement stresses that the warning strike announced earlier by the union has had a significant impact on the peak tourist season. For this reason, the carrier had to cancel almost all flight programs not only from Frankfurt, but also from Munich.

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