Georgia celebrates 5th anniversary of visa-free entry to the European Union

Georgia celebrated the fifth anniversary of visa-free entry into the European Union

During a government meeting earlier this week, the prime minister Georgian Minister Irakli Garibashvili called the agreement on visa-free travel to EU member states a great achievement for Georgia, saying that it is the result of the work and efforts of the Georgian government.

Today, a Georgian passport allows its holders to travel without a visa in 72 countries of the world, and with a visa on arrival to another 47 countries. Thus, with an accessibility indicator of 119 countries in the world ranking, it ranks 30th.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, over the past five years, 645,639 Georgian citizens have made a total of 1,398,803 trips to the Schengen area .

Due to the large number of Georgian citizens crossing the EU borders without proper documents: valid biometric passports, health insurance, proof of residence and livelihood, in January 2021, the Georgian authorities began to carry out additional checks on travelers on all border points.

Since then, those who do not have proper documents are not allowed to leave Georgia.

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