From Beer Lounge to Luxury Villas, New Japan Hotels 2022

From beer lounge to luxury villas — new Japan hotels 2022

From "beer" apartments and luxurious villas of 100 years ago to picturesque places at the foot of Mount Fuji — the launch of the new facilities almost coincided with the news of Japan opening up to international tourism.

Villa Lounge & Barrel, which opens in July in the small port town of Mochimune in the center of Shizuoka, is ideal for beer lovers. Operated by local brewery West Coast Brewing and designed around the 'stay in the brewery' concept, the new villa will feature five guest rooms, three queen size bedrooms and two loft — with two double beds each. They can accommodate up to four guests.

All rooms will be equipped with beer taps through which you can pour up to ten liters of “Villa Room Exclusive Brew”; — craft beer exclusively for guests. Guests can take it with them when they leave. Each room is also equipped with a mini-fridge filled with canned and bottled beer, also produced by the brewery.

Other amenities include a communal beer hall where you can taste 16 different beers produced at a neighboring brewery, and a barrel lounge serving natural draft beer. Brewery tours are also organized. 

VILLA LOQUAT SUGURO, located on the beautiful Izu Peninsula, will also open in July. The new luxury property is a renovated Kominka house — over 100 years old traditional Japanese style house in the mountains overlooking Suruga Bay. The new villa of 160 square meters has two 1.5-bed beds, a living room, a dining room, an attic study, and a relaxing outdoor bath. Maximum capacity — four people. Ideal for both leisure and business travellers. Personal chef and bartender services are available at an additional cost. 

Two new glamping sites have opened in the foothills of Mount Fuji. Opening in April, both Gran Regalo Asagiri and Moss Jurigi Camp Resort are perfect for enjoying the outdoors at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Located in Fujinomiya City, the closest town to Mount Fuji, Gran Regalo Asagiri designed for travelers looking for a luxurious and secluded holiday, as well as for those who dream of adventure on the Fujinomiya trail, which leads to the top of Mount Fuji. The new site boasts eight domed “tents” with comfortable beds and stylish furniture. Each tent accommodates up to four guests, has a private bathroom and shower, as well as a terrace for barbecues and stargazing. Guests can choose accommodation only or half board breakfast and dinner included.

Moss Jurigi Camp is located in Susono, at the southern foot of Mount Fuji, at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. It is designed with the concept of “total merging with nature and renewal of body and soul”. The facility spans over five hectares and boasts 16 spacious domed tents and three American Airstream trailers. Guests can enjoy the scent of trees, the singing of wild birds, and the lush beauty of Mount Fuji's lava rocks. Each facility has its own barbecue area, ideal for guests to prepare and enjoy breakfasts and dinners al fresco with local ingredients.

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