France lifts all COVID-19 restrictions for international tourists

France lifts all COVID-19 restrictions for international tourists

С 1 August, foreign travelers no longer need to provide evidence of vaccination or recovery from the virus when crossing the French border. 

However, the French government has warned that it may apply an “emergency brake” if a new strain posing a “serious health threat” appears in the next six months. 

“In the situation with new phase of the pandemic, the system of border medical control is canceled, as well as all the exceptional regimes created to combat COVID-19, — said in a statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

The government reserves the right until January 21, 2023 to return restrictive measures for a maximum of two months in the event of the emergence and spread of a new dangerous variant of COVID-19.

Recall that shortly before Christmas, the French government introduced a four-week ban on foreign tourists from -for concerns about the emerging Omicron variant.

In January, almost all restrictions were lifted, but some of them still remained in force. Anyone entering France had to provide proof of vaccination, a certificate of recent recovery from the virus, or a negative test for COVID-19.

Experts predict that the abolition of these rules will help solve the problems that have arisen in recent weeks when crossing the English Channel. Due to these border difficulties, traffic congestion has reached such an unprecedented level that the authorities have even asked vacationers to refrain from traveling, although formal bans have long been in place.

So, from August 1, 2022, all restrictions for trips to France due to COVID-19 canceled. The rules that previously applied to travelers crossing the French border no longer apply: 

– you no longer need to present a document confirming the fact of vaccination.

– you do not need to fill out any forms, such as justification of the reasons for the trip.

– upon arrival in France, they do not check negative results of PCR tests or for antigen. 

At the same time, the Eurostar railway company and the national. Air France continues to recommend that passengers wear face masks while traveling.

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