Four violators who arrived from Russia were detained at the Finnish border

Four violators who arrived from Russia were detained at the Finnish border

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the border patrol detained four people near the village of Tammela in Kuusamo. After the technical control alarm went off, the duty group quickly responded and found the offenders. Usually the alarm is false — it is often caused by wild animals, but this time it happened for real.

During interrogation, the suspects stated that they intended to seek asylum in Finland.

The Finnish border guards said in a statement that “the Kainuu border guard has launched a preliminary investigation into the crime at the state border. The asylum process has been transferred to the Finnish Immigration Service. The Kainuu Border Guard continues to investigate the alleged illegal border crossing.

Commenting on the suspicion of unauthorized crossing of the national border, the border commissioner of the Kainuu region noted that he is in contact with the border commissioner of the Kalevala region of Russia.

Recently, border guards detained three more people suspected of illegally crossing the land border from Russia to Finland, in Kuntivaara, Kuusamo.

Meanwhile, on July 15, the Finnish Border Guard announced that two more people were under investigation for illegally crossing the border at Tohmajärvi in ​​the Ramejärvi district. The two are suspected of having entered Finland on foot across the land border from Russia shortly before dawn without proper documentation.

According to Finnish authorities, about 6,500 Russian citizens entered Finland on Monday, September 19 , and on Tuesday, September 20, after the Baltic countries and Poland imposed an entry ban on all Russian tourists. About 35 percent of Russians who arrived in Finland during these two days had tourist Schengen visas. 

Such a large number of arrivals from Russia registered in Finland is due to the fact that this country is currently the only land a route by which the Russians can reach other countries of the European Union.

Meanwhile, today it became known that Finland can build a wall along the border with Russia with a length of 1 300 km. Construction will take 2 to 3 years.  

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