Four rules to follow in any hotel in the world

Four rules to follow in any hotel in the world

The first — never use hotel utensils because you don't know how well they've been washed. Most likely, there is no dishwasher in the room, so even clean-looking glass glasses may be “non-sterile”. It is likely that previous guests simply rinsed them before leaving. And God only knows what they poured there.

A former hotel maid confirmed that the glasses weren't cleaned properly. Moreover, there is a practice where glasses are washed with the same sponge that is used to wash the bathroom.

Another thing that cannot be properly cleaned — TV remote control. Usually, when cleaning a room, it is simply put in place. Have a clear plastic bag with you to put the remote in before using the TV, and the problem will be solved.

If breakfast is not included in the rate, you can use hot water from the coffee machineor coffee makers for making instant porridge. Although, to be honest, these appliances are washed inside even less often than glasses.

The next tip — avoid sitting on soft chairs in a hotel room — they hide much more bacteria and dirt than is noticeable at first glance. Even if they look clean, they can harbor bed mites, viruses, and mold.

Unlike bedding and towels, which are washed at high temperatures, upholstered furniture is difficult to clean regularly and properly. Maids don't have enough time to clean an entire room when changing guests, so a comfortable trendy chair is often overlooked.

In general, there are millions of germs on soft fabric surfaces. Now, if a stain has formed on the chair, then they will wipe it until it disappears, but other microbes that are not visible to the eye will still remain. Do not test your body for strength, take a second towel from the bathroom and spread it on a chair before you sit on it.

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