First time at the airport: where to go, what to do and how not to miss your flight

First time at the airport: where to go, what to do and how not to miss your flight

Large airports are like entire cities with their own transport systems and (at first glance) rules known only to them. Understanding them is quite a task, but with this guide from Subtleties it will be much easier to do it: it is made specifically for those who are going to fly for the first time.

Where to go and what to do

Often there are several terminals at airports. To get directly to the desired, you can use a taxi. If you are traveling by train or bus, check in advance where it stops and how long it takes to get from there to the terminal you need.

At the entrance to the terminal, arriving pass through the control. On the belt of his conveyor, you need to put all the luggage, including bags, on the counter next to the metal detector frame – keys and phones, go through the frame. If the checkers ask you to open your luggage, do it. In the airport building, check the board with the inscription Departures, what is there with your flight. If it says “Registration” or Check-in/Open, registration has already begun. If nothing is written or there is an inscription On time, you need to wait until the registration is opened, Boarding – boarding has begun, you need to fly like a bullet to the counters of late passengers. They also write there if the flight is delayed (Delayed) or canceled (Cancelled).


If check-in has begun, look at which counters your flight number is indicated and get in line (just make sure that there is no “business class” sign if you have an economy ticket). When it's your turn, give the person at the counter your passport. Place your luggage on the conveyor belt next to the counter. If you have an overweight and need to pay extra, you will be informed. They will stick a label on your luggage, similar to your boarding pass, which will be given to you along with your passport. If asked, show the employee at the counter your hand luggage.

You can check in for a flight in advance online: then at the counter you will simply be given a boarding pass. You can also do this at self check-in kiosks. But this is most likely not an option for beginners. 3m/3i/3m3i35w0vrcwwk0csckk8cwcw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

First time at the airport: where to go, what to do and how not to miss your flight


< p>The number of screening stages on domestic and international flights is different: when flying abroad, you need to go through pre-flight, border and customs control, while flying within the country – only pre-flight. See what others are doing and repeat. Everyone took off their shoes, belts and jackets – take off too, everyone goes through the frame with their hands up, and you do it.

At the general inspection, you will need to pass hand luggage and all bags-packages through an x-ray, through a frame. Passengers may also be asked to show documents or the contents of their bags. If you need to go through customs control, choose the desired corridor: green – if you are not carrying things that require declaration (study the list in advance), red – if you need to fill out a declaration for exported items, money.

Border control is a check of documents: passport, tickets, visa. There you may also be asked questions about the purpose of your trip, its duration. Answer calmly and briefly.


After passing through security and control, passengers go to the desired boarding gate – its number is indicated on the ticket next to the word Gate. There, at the appointed time, those departing will be invited to undergo another document check, then they will be taken to the plane by bus or invited to enter the liner along the telescopic ladder.

How not to miss your flight

Arrive at the airport 2.5–3 hours before departure (consider traffic jams). Check-in usually starts 2 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure, boarding ends 15-25 minutes before departure. Stay awake, don't play games on your phone, and keep your ears open – don't use headphones so you don't miss a boarding announcement or flight delay. Due to weather or other conditions, the flight may be rescheduled or cancelled. Passengers are warned about this in advance or informed about this already at the airport.

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What to remember

< p> Pay attention to the signs and signs or stock up on the airport map, so it will be easier to find what you need. And if you can’t orient yourself, discard false modesty and immediately contact the airport or security staff: save time and nerves.

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