Finnair changes focus from Russia to the Persian Gulf

Finnair is changing its orientation from Russia to the Persian Gulf

Finnair will open flights to Doha daily flights from Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. This was made possible as Qatar Airways embarked on an ambitious plan to turn its airport into a major hub for oneworld alliance members.

Finnair has been on the lookout for new routes and a long-term business plan since early 2020, when its heavily Asia-focused strategy was thwarted by COVID-19 travel bans.

Despite With more destinations in Asia reopening borders, Finnair acknowledged that the inability to fly over Russia made its branded shortest route from Europe to Asia not economically viable.

Throughout 2022, Finnair has been looking for new routes and sources of income. The airline was able to add some of its idle short-haul aircraft to operate flights on behalf of British Airways, and has also experimented with long-haul flights from Stockholm.

But on Monday this week, Finnair confirmed that direct flights from Stockholm to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Bangkok and Phuket will be stopped in winter, so same as all flights to Chicago and Krabi.

The lease with British Airways will also end in the coming months, the aircraft will return and be idle again, which could put Finnair in a precarious position for the winter season. < /p>

Fortunately for Finns, Finnair will be able to capitalize on the FIFA World Cup in Doha from 21 November to 18 December, potentially becoming a key partner for Nordic passengers on subsequent Qatar Airways flights.< /p>

In July, Finnair chief executive Topi Manner said the airline was preparing to shut down Russian airspace “for a long time” and was working on a “strategy update” to be completed by autumn.

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