Finland or Karelia: where is it better and cheaper to relax?


Choice of accommodation options in both regions per level. Hostels, guest houses on the banks of rivers and lakes, hotels and campsites are everywhere. Only in terms of campsite equipment, the Finns are more organized, but in Karelia people simply come with tents and settle down as they want. As for hotels, in Helsinki within 2 km from the center you can rent a room with breakfast for 5000 RUB, in Rovaniemi – from 7000 RUB. In Petrozavodsk they charge an average of 3500 RUB for a three-ruble note near the center, in Sortavala – from 6500 RUB. Conditions everywhere are rather spartan than conducive to hedonism. At the same time, the Finns lure with saunas, and ours with baths.

Karelia — Finland — 2:1


Neither Karelia nor Finland are among the famous beach destinations. However, both there and there there are good beaches. In Karelia, they are found on Onega and Borisov lakes, in Motornaya Bay on Ladoga, on lakes Volnenyarvi, Lososinnoye and others. The areas are predominantly sandy or grassy, ​​often without changing rooms or even trash cans. The water is cool: the lakes are deep, warming up for a long time.

In Finland, there are sandy beaches in Helsinki, in the resorts of Yyuteri, Seurasaari, around the city of Hanko, the Kaivopuisto region, etc. All these are different parts of the Baltic Sea, so the water here cannot be called warm either. But Finnish beaches have a significant plus: they are great for surfing.

Karelia — Finland — 2:3

Entertainment and Attractions

Natural wealth is not even worth comparing: both regions are famous for their amazingly beautiful lakes, waterfalls, nature reserves, places where you can pick mushrooms and berries, fish or watch the life of birds and animals. From the unique in Karelia – the Kizhi Museum-Reserve, the island of Valaam, the Ruskeala marble canyon, where concerts and light shows are held. Chips of Finland – Santa Park in the capital of Lapland Rovaniemi and architectural masterpieces of Helsinki – from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the buildings of art museums to the monument to the musician Jean Sibelius and the church in the rock. And Suomi is also water parks, the Linnanmäki amusement park, the Moomin Museum in Tampere, popular ski resorts and museums of various kinds: history, design, aeronautics, espionage, beer and even refrigerators.

Karelia — Finland — 2:4


Since everything in Finland is in euros, prices are significantly higher there. Dinner in a restaurant for two costs from 5500 RUB, in Petrozavodsk you can meet 3000 RUB without alcohol. Bus fare is 173 RUB in Helsinki versus 40 RUB in the capital of Karelia. Taxi around the city in Finland – about 1100 RUB, in Karelia – about 300 RUB. Tours to Petrozavodsk for 3 days cost from 15,000 RUB. But in Finland there will be no such prices, besides, now all programs are on request and without guarantees that everything will go smoothly.

Total: Karelia – Finland – 3:4

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