Finland extends border restrictions until May 8

Finland has extended border restrictions until May 8

Finnish authorities stressed that all persons from countries who are not members of the European Union and the Schengen area must have a valid certificate confirming that they have completed the immunization process against the coronavirus.

However, the border guard does not require the above-mentioned certificates as a prerequisite for entry from citizens of Finland, arriving from third countries, and from foreigners permanently residing in Finland. Persons whose visit to the country is dictated by compelling reasons, such as urgent family matters or other important circumstances, are also exempted from presenting vaccine passports.

The ministry clarified that entry to Finland is allowed without restrictions for those arriving from low-level countries incidence of COVID-19 included in the “green list” EU at the moment.

For citizens of EU and Schengen countries, the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that they are all allowed to enter without any restrictions and additional checks.

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