Feel sorry for yourself: 7 ways to not get depressed after a vacation

Pity yourself: 7 ways not to get depressed after a vacation

There is one unpleasant thing that almost every traveler has experienced to one degree or another – post travel depression syndrome, also known as post-holiday depression. Symptoms: longing for the past vacation, mood deterioration, lethargy, lack of interest in work and usual life. To avoid this state, experienced travelers advise not to rest for more than three weeks, how to fill the last days of the trip with impressions and work out the skill of switching from work to rest and back. “Subtleties” found out how else you can help yourself avoid post travel depression.

1. Take a break

The ideal option is to return from a trip a few days before the end of the vacation. This will give you the opportunity to slowly unpack your suitcases, meet friends, restore the routine and tune in to working days.

Life hack: plan to go to work not on Monday, but at least on Wednesday or even Thursday. It's always better to work part-time after a vacation.

2. Follow the regimen

Adherence to the regimen is the shortest way to reduce stress levels. It is especially important to keep track of sleep patterns that may have been disrupted during the holidays, keep drinking regimen, and return to the gym sooner if you have gone there before. This will help keep you energized.

3. Create an anchor

After returning from a trip, create an emotional anchor for her memory using the NLP technique. This will help you instantly return to pleasant memories and will improve your mood. An anchor is something that evokes an association with a certain state: an object, a scent, a taste, etc. To “set” it, bring the pleasant sensation from the trip to the peak and inhale the chosen aroma, touch the object or look at it. Then take a break and 10 minutes later, do it all over again. Do this until the anchor is fixed. It is important that the chosen thing is firmly associated with a certain moment, it must be unique.

4. Capture your travel memories

There are other ways to get rid of post-holiday depression. To do this, you need to set aside time and indulge in memories of the past trip. You can work on a photo book, tell your friends or followers about your trip, sort through the souvenirs and remember where they were purchased, watch a show about the place you visited, and plunge into its atmosphere again.

5. Brighten up your everyday life

Depression is a frequent companion of those to whom life seems gray and bleak. The good news is that anyone can revive the monotonous everyday life at least a little. Everything suits: adding bright colors to the interior and wardrobe, tasting exotic dishes (preferably in a cheerful company), mastering new hobbies. With such a set, there will be no time for depression.

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6. Take a mini-vacation for yourself

At least once a month, and preferably every two weeks, take a mini-vacation on the weekend. Take a drive around the surrounding communities, visit the city's new park or exhibition, go to a dance workshop, arrange a themed evening – watching Indian movies, cooking and tasting French cuisine. Keep the “traveler mindset” – be open to the new.

7. Plan a new trip

Some people struggle with post-holiday depression in this way – they dream about a new trip and even start planning it. They pick up a hotel, make a list of attractions that they would like to visit, start a piggy bank with the inscription “On a trip” and even buy tickets in advance.

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