Favorable Emirates: 7 best Sharjah hotels with private beach

Favorable Emirates: 7 best Sharjah hotels with private beach

Ahead of the hot Emirati season, and it is to Sharjah that the “Subtleties” who know the value of money advise you to take a closer look: tours to local hotels are traditionally cheaper. At the same time, for a known reason, there are fewer foreigners than less strict neighbors, and all cultural facilities, shopping centers and suitable beaches are available. One of the advantages of Sharjah is the opportunity to stay in a hotel with a private beach and not spend a fortune. Yes, morals in the Emirate are strict – fans of fun parties will be bored there, but for family tourists and lovers of cultural leisure it is an ideal option.

Subtlety has selected some guaranteed good hotels in Sharjah to help you choose.

Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa 5*

The hotel resembles the emir's palace, built among the sands, the architects tried to create the appropriate surroundings. Spacious grounds and huge pools overlooking the beach with sparkling white sand complete the almost perfect picture. In general, everything is like in a solid “five”: restaurants, attentive staff and rooms with a beautiful interior. And a huge spa and fitness club.


Sahara Beach Resort & Spa 5*

Many tourists believe that Sahara Beach Resort received its 5 * undeservedly: the service is not so perfect, the building and territory are small, the rooms are rather modest, the restaurant has only a buffet. But you can definitely give him 4 *. The situation is saved by a wide sandy beach with a gentle entry into the sea and proximity to the oceanarium. The hotel will suit everyone who is looking for the best value for money – not luxurious, but everything is at a decent level at attractive rates.


Coral Beach Resort Sharjah 4*

Cozy hotel for a lazy family vacation. A large area is planted with palm trees and flower beds, among which it is pleasant to walk. Particular attention is paid to gastronomy – the menu of three restaurants includes dishes from different cuisines of the world, a good choice of food for children. The fish restaurant on the beach is an incredibly atmospheric place. In the evenings, you can enjoy the sound of the waves and the gentle sea breeze. Coral Beach Resort rooms do not have balconies, and the furniture and fixtures are a little worn out, but everything is crystal clear.


Occidental Sharjah Grand 4*

Proximity in Dubai makes the Occidental Sharjah Grand a dream destination for budget travelers. The solution is really good – to live in Sharjah in a good hotel with a well-maintained private beach, sunbathe all day, and go to the neighboring Emirate for entertainment in the evenings. The service is mostly focused on family and elderly tourists.


Sharjah Carlton Hotel 4*

The usual “four” with its pluses and minuses. The territory is large – there are swimming pools, a playground and a tennis court. Tourists celebrate monotonous food without any frills and prefer to eat in restaurants in the neighborhood. The hotel staff is polite and helpful, quickly responding to requests. Guests from other hotels are allowed on the beach of the hotel, there is enough space for everyone.


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Lou Lou'a Beach Resort 3*

For a three-star hotel, the presence of a spa center, its own beach and a restaurant with panoramic windows is already a luxury, so Lou Lou'a Beach Resort is often assigned “folk” 5 *. Everything in the rooms is unpretentious: a small area, no balconies, laconic interior. There is no entertainment, no music is played either. Quiet and calm, just right for a complete relaxation after working days at home. And if you get bored, Dubai is only 20 km away.


Beach Hotel Sharjah 3*

The hotel has a small beach, which does not accommodate everyone in the season, an unheated pool. But guests of the Beach Hotel Sharjah can swim in the neighboring complexes. The unpretentious decoration of the rooms is compensated by the large area of ​​the balconies. A bonus is delicious and varied food in restaurants. 1/1

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