Everest women's world record set

A new world record for women climbing Everest has been set

Now the record for female climbers in the number of ascents on the highest mountain in the world is 10.

Lhakpa was born in a family of 11 children in the eastern region of Sankhuvasabha, where the fifth highest mountain in the world Makalu is located.

The last time the record holder climbed Everest — and this is 8,848.86 meters — in 2018.

The highest achievement in men also belongs to the Nepalese climber. Kami Rita Sherpa reached the highest peak in the world 26 times.

Everest was conquered in total 10,657 times, both from the Nepalese and Tibetan sides. Well, the first successful ascent to the top was recorded in 1953. Over the years, 311 people have died on Everest.

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