Even at current prices, Turkey cannot be compared with our south

Even at current prices, Turkey is no match for our south

“We haven't been on vacation in over three years. They planned to fly to Mexico in the spring, saved money. But our plans were not destined to come true. I realized that it is no longer possible to postpone, and it is better to fly somewhere at least now than not to fly anywhere later. The deferred money will simply be devoured by inflation if we wait another year. We decided to invest in our impressions and emotions.” Whether Turkey wins in comparison with our south – read about it in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Natalia. This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and #tourist bear!

Choosing a tour

We settled on Turkey. The tour operator also had proposals for Egypt. Knowing the whole situation with tourists stuck there, I was very surprised that you can buy a tour to Sharm el-Sheikh. Why are they selling tours there, although thousands of tourists simply cannot return home from their holidays? Before paying for the tour online, I decided, just in case, to call the call center and clarify about our tour to Turkey, as well as ask about offers for Egypt. I was told that there are no problems with Turkey.

Before landing

On boarding the Turkish Airlines flight, we checked the vaccination certificates: we had already forgotten about them, we didn’t even prepare them, we just showed the code on the phone, it’s good that the State Services did not let us down. The certificates themselves were not checked, but we had everything in order with their validity period. So do not forget, check, otherwise everyone has already forgotten about the great covid. The same story with HES codes: the government website says that they have been canceled, but they require it when boarding. We filled right at the airport.

The website of the Turkish government says that HES codes have been canceled, but they require it when boarding. We filled it out right at the airport.1/1

Our hotel

Tour ticket price It turned out to be quite acceptable, we expected that it would be more expensive. Side, Linda Resort 5 * hotel, all inclusive, 138 thousand for 8 nights. Although he is not on the first line, he was perfect for our needs. The beach season has not yet begun, so they only walked on the sea, but swam and had fun on the territory of the hotel. The hotel is far from the whole resort life, and this is even a plus.

On the territory, in addition to seals, there is a zoo, and now it is much more pleasant to communicate with animals than with some people. By the way, there are very few tourists, there are Germans, Belarusians, British, several Turkish families.1/1

Very tasty wine, I was even surprised, usually there is a problem with wine in Turkish hotels. The food is delicious too. The staff is friendly and any issues are resolved immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by the work of the hotel guide, she was interested in how we were doing, helped with the purchase of products, withdrawing money from the card, immediately gave her number for communication at any time. I used to think that their only job was to sell tours.

The weather is amazing, + 23 °C, sun, pine trees, sea air.

Swimming pool and spa

This is all that we have been yearning for over the years and the especially busy last months of winter. Lazy, squinting in the sun seals bring this whole atmosphere to perfection. Oh yes, and a massage! I advise everyone to take a massage program. For three days I was beaten up so that I myself looked like a local cat – I just went out into the sun and sat, drinking strong tea without thinking about anything.

About money

We are inactive tourists, we practically did not need cash, but for small expenses we took out at an ATM using the Mir card, the guide helped with this issue. Withdrawal from Tinkoff card from 300 TRY is free. The account was opened in lira, converted online, everything is clear and understandable.

I advise everyone not to postpone the vacation for later, but to rest, if possible. Of course, you need to competently approach planning, take into account the risks, which have become more numerous now. Turkey in any case does not go to any comparison with our south, even at current prices.

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