Emirates to simplify check-in for flights ahead of Eid al-Fitr

Emirates to simplify check-in for Eid al-Fitr flights

Most Popular destinations for UAE travelers who leave to visit friends and family for Eid al-Fitr are London, Istanbul, Manila, Cairo, Paris, Casablanca, New York and Los Angeles.

Tourists, For those living in Ajman and the northern emirates, this year there is an opportunity to skip the DXB queues and use the Emirates check-in system in Ajman. It is already open and open around the clock.

Customers can now check in for their flight between 24 and 4 hours before departure. Emirates has partnered with the Ajman Transport Authority to increase the number of buses to DXB and now provide enhanced on-site check-in options, including medical clearance, boarding passes, and even baggage handling before boarding the bus. Thus, at Dubai Airport, it will be possible to immediately go to the plane, bypassing all the queues. 

Customers who check-in at the airport less than 60 minutes before departure will not be allowed to travel. After check-in, passengers are advised to ensure that they arrive at the boarding gate on time. The gate opens 90 minutes before departure and closes 20 minutes before departure. Boarding starts 45 minutes before departure. Check-in and gate closing times will be strictly adhered to to ensure schedules are met.  

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