Emirates to invest $2bn in passenger service this year

Emirates to invest $2bn in passenger service this year

According to the carrier, the investments will be used to upgrade aircraft cabins, a new on-board menu and specialized training for flight attendants. 

First Class will have new dishes: pan-fried salmon trout with sauce and Creole rice, baked duck breast with orange thyme sauce, steamed broccoli and potatoes. Passengers will receive “unlimited” portions of Persian caviar and will be able to use the Cinema in The Sky service, which will offer unusual snacks such as salty popcorn, mini burgers, or sliders and even lobster rolls. 

Already in August, new First Class menus will begin to operate on some routes. And in the economy and business, the update will take place from September 1. 

In addition, Emirates has promised to add new vegan dishes, including “royal oyster mushrooms, fried in a pan, fragrant biryani and sliced ​​kohlrabi garnished with roasted orange. Note that an expanded selection of vegan dishes will be available to passengers of all travel classes.

According to a press release, flights departing from Dubai International Airport (DXB) will feature greens grown here, on Bustanik, the largest in a vertical farm in the world.

Another portion of Emirates' investment in passengers will go toward refurbishing the interiors of all classes. Thus, premium economy class cabins will be expanded in more than 120 aircraft. The airline said it would replace the seats, install new panels, floors and other elements. The start of re-equipment is scheduled for November.

Priority will be given to obsolete aircraft that have not been repaired for years.  

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