Emirates embarks on largest fleet modernization project

Emirates launches largest fleet modernization project

Emirates launches its plans to modernize all 120 Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 — the two largest types of commercial aircraft in operation today. 

Multi-billion dollar investment to make Emirates customers 'fly better' not in words, but in deeds. The project officially kicks off in November and is fully managed by the Emirates engineering team.

The task assigned to the specialists — modernize four turnkey aircraft; monthly, and so continuously for more than 2 years. Once the 67 marked A380s are refurbished and back in service, 53 Boeing 777s will be restyled. As a result, by April 2025, Emirates aircraft will have There will be approximately 4,000 brand new premium economy seats, 728 first class suites will be refurbished, and more than 5,000 business class seats will be refurbished with new style and design.

In addition, carpets, stairs and interior panels. For the new ones, they use trendy tones and design motifs, including the iconic gaff trees grown in the UAE.

So far, no airline in the world has carried out an upgrade of this magnitude in-house, so there is no blueprint for such an undertaking. Emirates engineering teams had to carefully consider and optimize each process, as well as identify and eliminate any possible inconsistencies.

Testing on “guinea” The A380s began in July, when engineers literally took apart every cabin to the screws. From the removal of seats and panels to bolts and screws, every action has been logged, timed and planned.

Emirates Engineering will establish new dedicated workshops for repainting, finishing and upholstery of business and economy seats -classes of new covers and cushioning. Leather, armrests and other interior details will be replaced in First Class.

Emirates' new Premium Economy Class with luxurious seats, more legroom and service rivaling that of many airlines is currently available on popular A380 routes to London, Paris, Sydney.

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