Dusseldorf. Finnair did not let Russians on the plane with tickets in hand

Düsseldorf. Finnair did not let Russians on the plane with tickets in hand

Finnair refuses to allow five Russians to board a plane flying from Düsseldorf to Helsinki. Sources say that among the people who were denied boarding was a woman with a child returning to Russia.

Because this group of passengers was not allowed to fly through Finland, they had to buy new tickets — via Turkey.

However, travelers from Russia have begun to feel uncertain about booking flights in the future, as another such case occurred in Turkey. A group of Russian citizens were denied boarding on a Lufthansa flight bound for Frankfurt.

These problems arise mainly due to the fact that the EU countries, which have already imposed an entry ban on Russians, no longer recognize their Schengen visas.

Finland — one of the countries that officially closed its borders to Russian citizens, restricting their entry for tourism purposes on September 30.

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the entry restrictions would remain in place until further notice.


Despite the imposition of restrictions, the Finnish authorities said that the number of Russian citizens crossing its land border continues to be high. 

According to the Finnish border service, a total of 1,272 Russians have entered to Finland by land on October 2, and on the same day 2,254 left the country.

On Monday, October 3, a total of 884 entries of Russians by land and 1,490 exits were registered in the country.

At the same time, on October 2, 106 Russians were denied entry into the country, and on October 3, 65 people were deployed to the Finnish border.

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