Don't waste your time: 4 places in Tuapse that are not worth your attention

Don't waste your time: 4 places in Tuapse that are not worth your attention

The port city of Tuapse attracts tourists not only by its location on the Black Sea coast, but also by its sights. A scene for the film “The Diamond Hand” was filmed near the Kiselev Rock, the ancient complex “Psynako” still makes scientists puzzle over its purpose, the Guam Gorge amazes with alpine landscapes and a unique history. However, in the collection of Tuapse sights there are those that are not worth spending time or money on. And “Subtlety” is not going to hide from its readers a list of places, acquaintance with which will bring more disappointment than pleasure.

1. Alley of Russian Glory

The guests of Tuapse, who visited the Alley of Russian Glory, or the Alley of Hero Cities, reproach its creators for the poor implementation of the idea. The tablets with the names of cities are somehow modestly nestled near the trees, some of the plants look like they don’t give the desired shade at all. To the heap, side by side with the alley, the Central City Market was attached – obviously not the best neighborhood for a monument. Instead of the Alley of Hero Cities, it is better to visit the famous plane tree alley Tuapse, founded in honor of the three hundredth anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty. Its length exceeds 2 km, which, by the way, is a record for Europe. And the shadows there, by the way, much more.

2. Children's amusement park

The children's amusement park, located on Primorsky Boulevard opposite the monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power, is criticized for being out of date. Attractions are called terribly outdated and even dangerous in appearance. In addition, their selection is quite modest. Vacationers consider the low prices to be the only advantage of this park.

“Too short and generally uninteresting” — such a verdict is passed by vacationers on the central embankment of Tuapse.

3. Tuapse embankment

“Too short and generally uninteresting” – such a verdict is made by vacationers on the central embankment of Tuapse. Its length is about 400 m, and there are neither remarkable sculptures nor atmospheric cafes where one could sit while admiring the views of the sea. However, they say that the city plans to modernize the embankment. It can be made two-tiered and supplemented with places for recreation. /uk/1nukkviqyuck00gc8kkccw88o.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Do not waste time: 4 places in Tuapse that are not worth attention

Sergey Detkov

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< h2>4. Central Beach

The central city beach of Tuapse is a solid collection of minuses. The toilet and shower are paid here, there is a railway along the beach, so it is very noisy, the pebbles are large and it hurts to walk on it. In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the beach there is a port where tankers call, and the mouth of the Tuapse River with rather cold water. Due to the proximity to the river, the water in the sea in this part of Tuapse is cooler than in other resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Another fat minus of the Central Beach is the road leading to it. She goes through an industrial area, there are no trees, so the walk to the sea turns into an unpleasant test.

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