Don't do it in Turkey: 6 things you can really get fined or jailed for

Don't do it in Turkey: 6 things that really threaten a fine or jail

Muslim Turkey is known for its strict customs. A fine here can be issued even to those who decide to sunbathe on the beach topless or swim naked, to say nothing of more serious violations such as insulting the shrines of the country. For this they can not only be punished with lyre, but even put in jail. Prudent “Subtleties” found out what exactly you should not do in Turkey if you do not want to be arranged for a date with the local Themis.

1. Trying to take relics out of the country

Turkish land is rich in antiquity, and sometimes they literally lie underfoot or lie on the stalls of local merchants interspersed with lamps and magnets. However, do not rush to acquire what is aggressively advertised as antiques. First, there is a high probability that it is a fake. Secondly, the Turkish authorities forbid the export of historical values ​​from the country – and they can here declare things that are only 50 years old. Those who break this law could face up to 12 years in prison. Even a piece of alabaster that you picked up somewhere in Side can be declared valuable antiquity. So it’s better not to take such things as a keepsake from Turkey.

2. Offend national shrines

The Turks are kind to their flag, anthem, coat of arms and images of the “father of the Turkish people” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (they are, for example, on local banknotes). It is strictly forbidden in the country to treat all this with disdain – to crush, scold, trample, otherwise show disrespect. Violators of the law face imprisonment from six months to three years. Tourists for such antics are usually deported from the country. To argue on religious and political topics, to speak out about the course of the state or the activities of the government, can also come out sideways. Dissenters risk at least getting a warning from law enforcement officers.

3. Smoking and drinking in the wrong places

Turkey has always been quite strict about drinking alcohol in unauthorized places, limiting itself, however, only to monetary punishments, or even just warnings. Tourists seen with strong drinks outside bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels will face a gentle fine of up to 200 TRY. Penalties for smoking in unauthorized places in the country were introduced not so long ago, and not all Turks comply with the ban. But you should not be like them – otherwise there is a chance to part with 65 TRY. By the way, smoking and drinking alcohol in cars is also prohibited – even if the car is personal.

4. Photographing is “banned”

Not all buildings in Turkey are allowed to be photographed: The country has a ban on photographing military, industrial, government facilities, interior decoration of mosques, as well as people without their consent.

If someone complains that a tourist takes such photos, or the police catch him taking a photo, the traveler will be politely offered to delete everything that he took. Those who decide to resist can be taken to the police station and fined hundreds of lire. /sized/f550x700/dd/ht/ddhtd6wzlzc4kksogc0g8k0s0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't do it in Turkey: 6 things you can really get fined or jailed for

5. Insult people

Those who are not used to choosing expressions when communicating with others need to be extremely careful in Turkey. In the country, the law is harsh on lovers of a strong word. If a person is complained to the police and accused of insulting honor and dignity, threats or harassment (verbally or in correspondence), he may face from 3 months to 2 years in prison. Especially if he insulted others while in a state of intoxication, and spoke disrespectfully about someone's religion.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't do it in Turkey: 6 things you can really face a fine or jail

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6. Pick rare flowers

Mountain peonies and tulips of Manisa are considered rare and valuable flowers in Turkey. You can't tear them. Although, if you are not sorry to part with a certain amount of money, then you can violate this prohibition. Such a pleasure will cost only 60,000 TRY.

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