Don't be fooled: 6 “scams” in hotels that want to rip off extra money from tourists

Of course, normal hotel chains and, in general, all establishments that rely on returning customers practically do not indulge in such things. But some establishments with a different, more momentary look at the principles of making a profit, have long worked out schemes that allow you to additionally cash in on almost anything. The “subtleties” found out what tricks such hoteliers use – and did not remain silent.

1. Room supplement

Co-payments for placement predictably top the list of the most popular “scams” for money. Cunning administrators calmly tell tourists that the hotel is now, they say, “overloaded”, and they can’t settle guests in the chosen room in any way – even though everything has been paid for. “But, if you pay a little extra on the spot…,” the administrator says in a lower voice, “I can resolve the issue.” The trick is that there are no difficulties with numbers now, and the above scheme is the most banal, but working way to breed a tourist. This type of divorce also includes payment for the accommodation of a second guest, who is allegedly not indicated in the booking. Or an attempt to convince tourists that the selected room cannot cost so much, this is a site error, so you have to pay extra. To prove your point, take screenshots of bookings showing the number of guests and feel free to videotape your conversation with the receptionist.

2. Didn't use it – pay anyway

Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the moment of leaving the hotel prepares for us. Just at the moment when the tourist needs to run to the bus to the airport, it turns out that he must pay extra for the allegedly used services. Mini-bar, telephone conversations, cocktails and dinners that the tourist did not order, etc. In order not to fall for this bait, you should check out of the hotel in advance. And do not leave credit card details: they can write off from it without your knowledge.

3. Fictitious taxes

This is not about resort, environmental and similar fees that are set by countries, but surcharges invented by the hotel, about which he often forgets to warn guests. It can be called a service charge, infrastructure fees, service tax, etc. And the tourist sees all this, as a rule, already at the time of checkout.

4. My dear minibar

The minibar in the room is also the subject of financial scandals involving tourists. In some hotels, they deliberately forget to replenish it before settling new tourists, and then demand money from the guests for supposedly eaten and drunk. In others, they loudly announce to vacationers several times that they have all inclusive, so guests can use everything for free – and tourists willingly empty the minibar. But upon check-out, it turns out that the all-inclusive mini-bar was not covered, and you need to pay for it.

5. Deceptive exchange rate

Deceptive, that is, unfavorable, the exchange rate is sometimes used for settlements in Turkish resort hotels. The administrator can inform the tourist who wants to pay in foreign currency on the spot that the payment is accepted only in lira. And offers a frankly predatory course. Some vacationers do not delve into the nuances and rather overpay. The way out is to always have a supply of local cash with you. It is better to change them in banks and other trusted places.

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6. Non-final price

An easy way to profit from tourists is to initially indicate the price for a room that does not include breakfast and VAT, and issue an invoice at checkout, where they are included. It will be problematic to get out: it was necessary to clarify in advance whether the final price is indicated for accommodation. True, sometimes tourists themselves miss the information that this or that service, for example, cleaning, is paid, and bed linen and towels also need to be paid upon check-in.

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