Dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds

A dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds

In recent years, more and more people choose to adopt four-legged friends from shelters, but there are those who dream of a dog of a particular breed. Sometimes the owner has to pay a decent amount for an animal – and what’s there “decent”, the prices for puppies of some breeds easily beat the cost of not the cheapest cars! We present a selection of 10 very expensive dog breeds.

The price depends on the gender (males are cheaper), the title of the parents, the number of newborns in the litter and the class. There are three classes: pet – pets, breed – for breeding, show – for exhibitions. Tribal marriage is taken into a separate category. This offensive term refers to puppies that somehow do not fit into the breed standard. They are sold “at cost” with the condition that the owners do not knit them. Of course, as a pet, such dogs are no worse than their “standard” counterparts.

Akita Inu

These touching charms are distinguished by a calm and kind disposition. For a long time they were popular only in their homeland – in Japan, but after the film adaptation of the story of Hachiko – the most famous representative of this suit – puppies became very popular, many wanted to have the same faithful and devoted friend at home. For a thoroughbred red-haired baby, you will have to pay from 100,000 to 300,000 RUB. /f550x700/9p/79/9p797uby79wcswc40ockgks0s.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds

Pharaoh Hound

Graceful, slender and elegant pharaoh dogs got their name for a reason: they are found on frescoes in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Initially, the breed was considered hunting, but today animals are most often used as companions. They are distinguished by indefatigability and a cheerful, friendly character. The price is from 170,000 to 480,000 RUB. Don't be fooled by funny faces: 10 dangerous animals we think are cute and harmless.

Chow Chow

These cute, chubby, teddy bear-like creatures are known for their very thick coats and – all of a sudden – their bright blue tongue. Despite their charming and slightly toy appearance, they are proud and independent dogs originally from China. Puppies cost from 40,000 to 120,000 RUB. /v6/bfv67bz5w8gs8kg444gcco808.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds


Beautiful, large, snow-white Samoyeds have been living next to humans for more than 3,000 years. For many years they were popular in the north, where they warmed people with their warmth in yurts and helped herd deer. Now these calm dogs with a good disposition are more often used as companions, and in the USA communication with them is recommended for those who suffer from depression. To get yourself such a fluffy miracle, you will have to pay from 40,000 to 140,000 RUB.

A shepherd dog playing with a dolphin on the beach in Crimea became a viral video.

Tibetan Mastiff

Calm imposing giants have been known for 5000 years. They guarded monasteries in Tibet, herded cattle in the Himalayas and Central Asia. Restrained and devoted animals become true friends, excellent watchmen, adore children. Puppies are sold for 140,000 – 550,000 RUB. The most expensive dog ever bought in the world was the Tibetan mastiff Hong-Dong, for which the Chinese coal magnate paid $ 1.5 million without regret.

Bichon Frize

The miniature snow-white beauty from France, Bichon Frize, despite her puppet appearance, is distinguished by extraordinary courage. This smart and cheerful animal will become an excellent companion to its owner. You will have to pay from 35,000 to 100,000 RUB for a puppy. /6p/wd/6pwd58oflxwcw0o0k40gk8go8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

A dog for the price of a car: 10 the most expensive breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

The breed originated in Yorkshire, UK. Dogs are considered one of the smallest in the world, they are indoor-decorative, they are distinguished by long hair, a courageous character and good learning abilities. Audrey Hepburn played an important role in the development of the popularity of terriers, she had such a dog named Mr. Famous. Today, such a crumb costs from 55,000 to 140,000 RUB. /5r/og/5rogcyqarncwks00gsscwkssk.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds


Another small dog, the Pomeranian or Miniature Spitz, is also on the list of the most expensive on the planet. These funny, quick-witted and loyal kids appeared in Germany, now they are very popular in our country. Puppy price — from 48,000 to 270,000 RUB.

Thai Ridgeback

The breed is not often found in Russia, but it is very popular in Thailand, where it is considered the best among hunting. For many centuries they were completely forbidden to be taken out of the country, they fought for the purity of the suit. These are smart, strong, active and wayward dogs. Finding puppies is not easy, but if you can, you will have to pay from 55,000 to 280,000 RUB.

Lion Bischof

A miniature decorative breed is also called a lion dog or levkhen. These cute furry creatures can be found in the paintings of Goya, in those days they were very popular, which cannot be said about the 20th century: in 1960 they were even listed in the Red Book, so few representatives of Lyon Bischof remained in the world. Nowadays, cynologists have returned the population of these brave, intelligent and benevolent creatures. A puppy costs from 140,000 to 480,000 RUB. /f4/3xf4wu7ibccgcog8kwkkcoogg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

A dog for the price of a car: 10 most expensive breeds

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