Do pilots avoid flying over the Bermuda Triangle?

Do pilots avoid flying over the Bermuda Triangle?

Here, planes and ships disappear without a trace, aliens almost openly abduct people, and the lost Atlantis is hidden under water, which has become a portal to another dimension – such stories have been told about the Bermuda Triangle for more than half a century. No wonder so many people get nervous about taking a flight across the Atlantic. And what about the pilots who have to fly over the mysterious triangle with notoriety?

Legends and myths

The Bermuda Triangle, as well as the Devil's Triangle and Hurricane Alley, is the area of ​​the Sargasso Sea, bounded by the US state of Florida, Bermuda and the island of Puerto Rico. It has no generally recognized borders: according to various estimates, the area of ​​the “anomalous zone” ranges from 1.3 to 3.8 million square kilometers. This part of the Atlantic Ocean is covered with so many dark legends that some simply refuse to travel to such restless places.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

There are no reliable statistics on the disappeared ships and aircraft, but, according to some sources, about 20 aircraft and 50 ships in total disappeared in the Devil's Triangle. The most famous incident is the disappearance of five American bombers of the 19th squadron: they disappeared in December 1945, their wreckage was never found. All this is the intrigues of aliens – conspiracy theorists believe.

What science says

Scientists tediously attribute shipwrecks and disappearances of planes in the Bermuda Triangle to natural causes: it is a difficult area to navigate, where there are many shallows, cyclones and hurricanes often arise, and the Gulf Stream can cause sudden changes in the weather. They also talk about single stray waves up to 30 m high, and about a geomagnetic anomaly that causes navigational instruments to fail. The human factor is also not ruled out: it is assumed, for example, that in the case of the squadron, the pilots lost their course due to the failure of the compasses, and then they simply ran out of fuel, and the planes crashed into the ocean. According to Live Science, over 80 % of accidents in 2016 were caused by inexperienced travelers using smartphones or road maps to navigate instead of special equipment.

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