Dispelling myths about hotel reviews. Do you still believe them?

Dispelling the myths about hotel reviews. Do you still believe them?

Is it possible to call reviews truthful, because sometimes completely different things are written about the same hotel? “Subtleties” are sure that reviews should be treated as consciously and with a large amount of skepticism. And that's why.

1. Wrong writers

Some hotels – especially those just starting out in the travel industry – are not shy about ordering accolades about their loved ones. And those who have been hosting guests for more than a year can “order” their competitors: pay for negative reviews about them. Those who work at the hotel, on a voluntary basis, may be asked to leave an enthusiastic review on behalf of Misha or Masha. And the one who quit dissatisfied will gladly write a couple of paragraphs of nasty things about the former employer, even if they are not true – of course, on behalf of the vacationer.

It is not uncommon for bloggers to write the sweetest hotel reviews in exchange for additional services. But sometimes they smash the hotel to smithereens, because they were denied something.

Bloggers often write the sweetest reviews about hotels in exchange for all sorts of goodies. But sometimes they smash the hotel to smithereens because they were denied something.

2. Not everyone writes

Of course, not everyone leaves reviews about the hotel in which they rested. And most often just because everything was good: it’s not very customary for us to praise, but complain as much as you like. Or the problems were minor – say, the lack of a lid on the toilet, or insufficiently smiling receptionists. There are, of course, unforgiving people who deliberately do not want to spoil the reputation of the hotel (and the life of its employees), so they do not even write about serious shortcomings. But the first situation is still noticeably more global: “there were problems” more often translates into a real review than “everything is fine”. ://fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/5b/db/5bdb9w99icsowkg8ow8w40ooo.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Dispelling the myths about hotel reviews. Do you still believe them?

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3. A lot is changing

Compare reviews written in different seasons – often they differ quite radically. It is the height of the season that affects whether there will be queues for breakfast, free sunbeds by the pool, more or less varied menus with animation – in a word, everything that vacationers usually complain about the presence/absence. In addition, the team of cooks, employees of children's clubs, the manager, the spa program, and the general concept of the hotel may change.

4. Preferences and nuances

What is quite a comfortable mattress for one, is disgustingly soft or unbearably hard for another. That for one family “a large selection of food even for children”, for others – “fu, sausages in three types.” Often people are dissatisfied with a hotel stay just because they have specific needs or they chose the wrong option in the first place. They bought the first hotel they came across on a last minute trip, or even overly trusted the recommendations of acquaintances or a travel agent, whose tastes did not coincide with them at all. There are people who are generally hard to please: they are literally dissatisfied with everything and because of one “not such” look of the waiter, they are ready to write a devastating review even about a completely normal hotel. And others do not notice at all domestic inconveniences like dripping tanks and windows that do not open, but because of the delicious ice cream on a hot beach, they are ready to write: “This was the best hotel in our life!”.

And although it seems to have been clear to everyone for a long time that “three rubles” in Paris and, for example, in Hurghada are two huge differences, reviews from the series “Yes, what a three-ruble note, zero stars!” still were, are and will be.

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