Demand for new aircraft to grow by 41,000 by 2041

Demand for new aircraft will grow by 41,000 by 2041

According to the forecast, the market value of new aircraft delivered to the world market by 2041 will be a record $7.2 trillion. At the same time, the fleet of air liners will increase by 80 percent compared to the level that existed before the pandemic, that is, in 2019.

But half of the current Boeings and “Airbuses” will have to retire. Thus, experts conclude, the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness of global civil aviation will automatically increase.

In addition, Boeing predicts demand growth in its market segments by $ 3.6 trillion over the same period of time, including strong demand for maintenance and various modifications: cargo aircraft conversions, digital solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs, effective training of pilots and technicians. 

According to Boeing senior vice president of commercial sales and marketing, Ihssan Munir, the current forecasts show high demand for new aircraft and related services in the coming decades, while the industry itself will continue to recover.

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