Debunking the myths: everything about yachting in Turkey

Sailing can be safely called a trend. For the second summer in a row. It suddenly turned out that for yachting you do not need to have billions of rubles and shoes with only white soles – everything is much simpler. Theoretically, for the first lesson, you can come to the base of one of the many schools, for example, at the Pirogovsky reservoir in Moscow, take a lesson with an instructor and spend a short check on “mine/not mine”, but it’s much more pleasant to make yachting a part of the trip … But how do it?

We have collected the most pressing questions about yachting and asked them to an experienced travel expert Pavel, who organizes sailing trips in Turkey. 

He taught us how to get maximum impressions and pleasure, and we will tell you everything.

Let's get started.

What should I do if I get sick?

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Pavel, travel expert: Most often, this fear is exaggerated. If you are not seasick in a taxi or on a bus, but most likely, there will be no problems on a yacht either. Just in case, you can buy pills for motion sickness, for example, Dramina. I have a life hack – I suggest taking the helm.

And another tip for beginners – it is preferable to choose the summer season, when the risk of a storm is minimal, then everything will definitely go smoothly. A cruise on the warm seas is an ideal choice, you can both see the islands and enjoy the sea. 

Debunking the myths: all about yachting in Turkey

Stop in the bay

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How to find a common language in a team?

Pavel, travel expert: This can definitely become a cornerstone. When I receive a booking request, I discuss with each traveler his or her expectations, and together we come to a decision as to whether the format is appropriate. For example, if there are children on the trip, I immediately indicate this fact – it suits someone, but it will tire someone. I understand that it is important to share trips where the company prefers relaxation, and there are those who want to have fun and dance. For example, in November, the last cruise is always a party.

Is yachting expensive?

Pavel, travel expert: Not at all. In fact, you don’t even need any prior preparation or special equipment to travel. When travelers go to the mountains, there is a whole list of what you need to purchase. There is no such thing in yachting – if the trip takes place in the summer, then most likely we will walk barefoot on the deck for the entire cruise, which means that shoes with white soles are not needed. A T-shirt and shorts – yes, and a product with strong sun protection is a must, because you can burn out in a couple of hours. & nbsp;

Will it be cold on the yacht?

Pavel, travel expert: Of course, it all depends on the season. Experienced athletes boldly choose the northern seas, storms, and then wetsuits are needed. Traveling in season, for example from May to November from Turkey, you may only need a windbreaker after sunset in the autumn months, and during the day it is usually fine weather – you can enjoy a light breeze, I like to make stops in the open sea, go down stairs and swim .

Do you need to cook on a yacht?

Pavel, travel expert: Yes and no. Everything very much depends on the assembled company. I know there are travelers who flatly refuse to cook on a cruise, and usually we discuss such details “ashore”. On a cruise, it is important to make stops in the bays, dine in restaurants, and try the local cuisine. When we walk along the Lycian Way, the views are mesmerizing, and the food is a separate pleasure.

Debunking the myths: everything about yachting in Turkey

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Will I be able to become a captain after the trip?

Pavel, travel expert: After a week of a yacht cruise, you can understand the structure of the yacht, I can talk for a long time about how to set the sail correctly, follow the helm. If the traveler has an interest, I will only be pleased. But it is difficult to become a captain after a cruise; an additional course of theory and practice will be required. The main desire.

Is it interesting on a yacht in Turkey?

Pavel, travel expert: Cruise along the Lycian Way is very picturesque. The big advantage of yachting in Turkey is the warm sea, the season is very long – almost half a year. And if travelers prefer not the hottest weather, there are spring and autumn months when the air temperature is already quite high, but still (or already) not hot. In addition, Turkey can surprise, in this country there are sea, mountains, and excellent food.

In fact, a yacht is also very romantic. Just imagine – sunset, sparkling, pleasant company, maybe even someone singing or playing the guitar … And it's great that this can be not only a dream, you just need to hurry up, because there is still time before November!

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