Dagestan or Chechnya: where is it better to relax in the summer of 2022

Dagestan or Chechnya: which is better relax in the summer of 2022

The Caucasus is interesting, incredibly beautiful, tasty, inexpensive. And the Caucasus is also big: where to go in the first place – to colorful Chechnya or proud Dagestan? To make it easier for you to make a choice, Subtleties compared these two distinctive regions according to key indicators for each tourist.


There are direct flights to Chechnya and Dagestan from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In both cases, the flight time is not less than 4 hours, the cost of a round-trip ticket is from 13,000 RUB. Also, Makhachkala and Grozny can be reached by train from St. Petersburg and Moscow. They do not go every day and it takes 1.5 days to go there from the Russian capital, 2.5 from St. Petersburg.

Total – 1:1


Aggregator sites clearly state that there are more hotels in Dagestan than in Chechnya, and by 2-4 times. As for accommodation prices, they are approximately the same in both republics: on average, from 5,000 RUB per night in the “four”. And guest houses with a price tag of 1500 RUB per night prevail.

Total – 2:1 in favor of Chechnya


The peculiarity of the Caucasian republics is that in terms of infrastructure everything is very good there in the capitals and rather sad in other cities. Signs and even house numbers can not be found, the roads will resemble directions, the stone pavement will be at least 100 years old, there will be almost no restaurants, cafes, shops and pharmacies. The main means of transportation between cities in both Chechnya and Dagestan are minibuses. Their schedule is sometimes chaotic, you can’t get straight to natural attractions on them.

Dagestan is the leader in the number of catering establishments, and Chechnya is in the lead in terms of the general well-groomedness and steepness of the capital.

Let's give everyone a point, 3:2 in favor of Chechnya


In Chechnya, there are beaches only in the capital, on the Grozny Sea (local reservoir). And in Dagestan – in Kaspiysk, Derbent, Izberbash, Makhachkala, municipal, private and wild. Moreover, their coating is sandy and sandy-shell, but the main thing is the real sea, the Caspian.

Total — 3:3

Entertainment and attractions

If Chechnya and Dagestan begin to compete, who has more ancient watchtowers and residential towers, picturesque auls, gorges, mountain rivers and lakes, viewing platforms with stunning views, it will be difficult to determine the winner. But here's what Chechnya is definitely superior to Dagestan – it's with its modern facilities. The quarter of skyscrapers “Grozny City”, one of the wonders of Russia – the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”, the extraordinary mosque named after Aimani Kadyrova and the religious complex “Pride of Muslims” in Shali are some of the most visited objects by tourists and the best evidence that modern architects have no talent occupy. But in Dagestan there is a UNESCO site – the old city of Derbent … Perhaps, each republic has a point.

Total — 4:4


A 5-day tour to Dagestan without a flight, but with three meals a day will cost 35,000 RUB. To Chechnya, on average, the same number, and Chechen programs are usually combined tours, when in 5 days they are invited to visit several republics of the Caucasus. The average check in a cafe in Makhachkala and Grozny is from 350 RUB per person, in villages and towns in general they can feed from the belly for free.

The cost of travel in minibuses in Makhachkala is 27 RUB, in Grozny — 25 RUB, an entrance ticket to the exhibition at the National Museum of the Republic of Dagestan and the National Museum of the Chechen Republic — 100 RUB.

Total — 5:5

It seems that friendship has won.

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