Cyprus opened borders: find out where to relax and what to see

From April 1, there is one more open country for Russian citizens. This means that you can already start planning a trip to this island nation, because the season in Cyprus is about to begin. For those who managed to lose their heads from such good news, we have collected the sights of Cyprus that are definitely worth seeing.  

Cyprus opened borders: find out where to rest and what see

Where is the best place to relax in Cyprus

Despite the fact that the island itself is not very large, even the most sophisticated traveler will find a town to his liking. Love casinos, nightclubs and restaurants? Please! Prefer yachts and gorgeous beaches? Not a problem! Vacationing with children? And here Cyprus has something to please. 


It is believed that the first buildings on Paphos appeared as early as 300 BC, and it was here that the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born. Therefore, it is worth coming here for history, ancient buildings and legends. The main attraction of Paphos is the archaeological complex of the Tombs of the Kings. Here the locals built for their  tomb patrons. Antique buildings and mosaics can also be seen in the Archaeological Park of Paphos. It is also worth visiting the castle built by the Byzantines in the 13th century. During its history, he managed to stay and a monastery, and a prison, and even a mosque! If you are afraid of not having time to see everything on your own, we advise you to surrender to experienced guides who will take you through the most mysterious places in the city. 

Cyprus opened the borders: find out where to relax and what to see



< p>According to legend, Larnaca was founded by the grandson of Noah. This city is the oldest in Cyprus, but it attracts tourists not only with its history, but also with its pricing policy, shallow sea and an abundance of restaurants – this is an ideal place for families with children in Cyprus. With a child in Larnaca, you can go to the camel park, the Golden Donkeys donkey farm or the Lucky Star Park amusement park. If you are visiting the city without children, then be sure to climb the mountains to the 4th century Stavrovouni Monastery and Aliki Lake, which, drying up, turns into a brilliant salt marsh. 

Cyprus opened the borders: we find out where to relax and what to see



< p>Luxurious clubs, fish restaurants and yachts – this is Limassol. People do not come to this city for a beautiful view of the coastline or hiking in archaeological sites (although they are here). People come here for a couple of days to break away! For extreme sensations, head to the Sayious Adventure Park, where you can ride a buggy, motorcycles and … shoot from a bow! From almost anywhere on the waterfront you can order a boat trip, but if you are a wine lover, then Limassol will simply win you over. In the vicinity of the city lies the famous wine tour route of Cyprus from 20 wine-growing villages at once! 

Cyprus has opened its borders: finding out where to rest and what to see


Ayia Napa

Cyprus cannot be imagined without beaches! You can soak up the seashore in almost every city, but the best beaches of the island are still located in Ayia Napa. For example, on Nissi Beach you can not only sunbathe, but also get to the foam party. For a beautiful view with blue umbrellas and rocks, you need to go to Konnos Bay, but next to Makronisos beach you can see ancient tombs, access to which is free.

Ayia Napa has a very controversial status: many call the city the second Ibiza, while a huge number of ancient monasteries and sanctuaries are concentrated here. Therefore, if you get bored with lazy rest and constant parties, you can always go on a city tour. 

Cyprus has opened its borders: finding out where to rest and what to see


Peculiarities of travel during COVID-19

From April 1, 2021, arriving tourists from Russia do not need to spend a two-week quarantine. However, to enter the country, you must provide a certificate with the results of a PCR test for coronavirus, made no earlier than 72 hours before departure. Travelers will also be required to re-test upon arrival at their own expense (€30). 

In addition, all tourists must register on the state portal Cyprus Flight Pass 24 hours before arrival on the island. But the conditions for obtaining a visa have not changed: it is still issued on the website of the Cypriot Embassy in Russia.  

Many are sure that Cyprus is exclusively a beach holiday. However, it's all about planning the right itinerary. Agree that the birthplace of Aphrodite and Zeus cannot be a dull and not picturesque place!

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