Croatia will join the Eurozone in 2023 and adopt the euro

Croatia will join the Eurozone and adopt the euro in 2023

According to a press release published by the European Parliament, the following results were recorded in the vote on Croatia's entry into the Eurozone: 539 votes for, 45 against. and 48 “Abstained”. Thus, Croatia, according to experts, has the right to switch to the euro, starting from January 1, 2023. 

Croatia will become the 20th member of the Eurozone — associations of countries that have adopted the single European currency euro as the only legal tender on their territory. 

Currently, the currency of Croatia — Kuna, which is equal to 0.13 euros and is one of the weakest on the continent.

There are countries in the EU that have not adopted the euro as their currency, but use national ones:

Bulgaria (1 EUR = 1.96 BGN)

Czech Republic (1 EUR = 24.75 CZK)

Denmark (1 EUR = 7.44 DKK)

Hungary (1 EUR = 409.16 HUF)

Poland (1 EUR = 4.76 PLN)

Romania (1 EUR = 4.94 RON)

Sweden (1 euro is equal to 10.80 SEK)

The opinion of the European Parliament will be further discussed with other member states of the Eurozone, which are responsible for making the final decision on Croatia's entry into the union.

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