Croatia canceled all requirements and restrictions for tourists from May 1

Croatia has canceled all requirements and restrictions for tourists since May 1

Croatia last week lifted all entry requirements related to COVID-19. This allowed travelers to avoid any checks, vaccinations and quarantine regulations. Thus, this European country has fully returned to pre-pandemic requirements, having decided not to renew the “Decision on the temporary restriction of crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia” from May 1. This is reported by the Croatian National Tourist Board. Entry into the Republic of Croatia is permitted subject to the pre-COVID-19 conditions.

According to the Tourism Board, travelers are still allowed to enter the country by air, land or sea.

Although there are no pandemic-related rules at the borders, masks are still recommended to be worn on public transport and restaurant halls. In addition, personal protective equipment is required only in health and social care institutions. 

Currently, less than 700 new cases of the disease are registered daily in Croatia, which is well below the January peak. Just over 54.6 percent of the population has been vaccinated in the country.

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