Costa Rica begins issuing long digital visas to foreign workers

Costa Rica started issuing long digital visas for foreign workers

The Costa Rican authorities have finally approved a digital visa for foreign workers. A year ago, in 2021, Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado signed into law a law allowing travelers to stay in the country for up to a year, renewable for another year. However, the program ran into some controversy, which delayed its launch until early July 2022, when Alvarado finalized the regulations.

Now foreign remote workers and their families can apply for a visa and stay in the Costa Rike for up to two years. First, a one-year visa is issued, but if necessary and desired, it can be easily extended for another year.

The official website will be updated soon. It will include a new section with full details of what remote workers need to know about the requirements and benefits of the newly passed law.

According to the Immigration website, there are several requirements for long visa applicants. Applicants must show proof of a minimum income of $3,000 per month if they are traveling alone, or a minimum of $4,000 if they are bringing a family member. Applicants must also provide proof of health insurance covering all risks during their stay in a foreign country.

Those who are in Costa Rica on a digital nomad visa are prohibited from working in Costa Rican companies. But, on the other hand, they are exempt from income tax on income “received from other sources. Application documents and forms must be completed and submitted in Spanish.

After completing and submitting an application, local authorities have up to two weeks to make a decision. It can, of course, be both positive and negative.

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