Collapse at Amsterdam airport: airlines forced to cancel flights

Amsterdam airport collapse: airlines forced to cancel flights

Netherlands airport officials blame shortages for disruptions employees, with particular impact on security checkpoints. On Monday, Schiphol management was forced to ask airlines to cancel more than 80 flights from 16:00 to 23:00.

The cancellation of many flights led to the fact that for thousands of passengers this day turned out to be disastrous: huge queues formed outside the airport .

In addition to everything, Schiphol advised to come to the departure in advance, so that there was enough time to go through the airport procedures. As a result, many travelers spent hours inside the terminals waiting for their — more than 600 were detained.

In the summer, security officers received a temporary salary increase, but after the end of the summer season they stopped paying bonuses. Outcome — dissatisfaction with specialists and subsequent dismissal.

The airport apologized for the current situation and assured that it intends to hire 80 new security personnel who will be ready to work by October.

One of Europe's busiest airports, Schiphol, has been struggling with a range of problems for months. Interruptions began in April and continue to this day, including the cancellation of hundreds of flights for which all tickets are sold.

Thousands of passengers on connecting flights were injured due to a failure in the baggage claim system at the airport in August Dutch flag carrier KLM.

In May, the airport authorities for the first time asked airlines to reduce schedules to reduce delays caused by a surge in passenger traffic and a movers' strike. Like London Heathrow Airport (LHR), Schiphol has introduced a limit on the number of passengers in the summer season. He intends to extend the restriction until October.

Passenger traffic at Schiphol Airport currently stands at 67,500 and is expected to rise to 69,500 in October before the Dutch government deliberately reduces it in 2023 in total up to 60,000 people to combat air pollution.

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